28 January 2018

And now its a sauna

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off

Nvidia GPUs
All off

Raspberry Pis
6 with fans running Einstein BRP4 work

Its hot and humid so nothing much is running. The only difference from last week is the humidity has jumped up, but we haven’t had any rain.

i7-8700 build
I got the i7-8700 and its been partially setup software-wise. I turns out the ASUS Prime Z370-P has a DVI-D and a display port built-in. My KVM’s use VGA for the monitor so I have ordered a bunch of adapters. I have DVI-I and even HDMI adapters. I will work on it some more once the adapters arrive later in the week.

I had an issue with the DDR4-2666 memory not running at 2666 (it only wanted to run at 2400MHz) but a BIOS update seems to have taken care of that.

The built-in UHD 630 graphics are not supported properly until the 4.15 kernel (Debian Stretch are on 4.9). The 4.14 kernel which is in stretch-backports has the UHD 630 as alpha-test so you can set the i915.alpha_support=1 kernel parameter to get it recognised. There are also a few start up errors with it but it starts up anyway. I am not sure if they are BIOS or kernel issues.

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