21 January 2018

More scorching

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off

Nvidia GPUs
All off

Raspberry Pis
Six running.

Hardware purchasing
I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered parts for an i7-8700 build. Only one supplier had them and they are limiting them to 1 per customer. Memory is also rather expensive for the 2666Mhz kits so I only got 16GB. Unfortunately two parts are listed as “order only” - The ARC Midi R2 case and the Noctua NH-U9S CPU cooler.

I normally just tell the computer shop what I want and get them to build it, however the usual guy that handles this has left the company. Probably time to find another shop. I couldn’t get my regular power supply (Seasonic G-450) as it appears to be discontinued in favour of higher power models. I settled for Seasonic G-350’s which are not a modular power supply. I expect total power draw to be around 90-100 watts so well within its capabilities (power supplies are most efficient at 50% load).

My main concern with this build is Linux won’t recognise the graphics, at least until they update the kernel.

If it works out, the plan is to replace the eight i7-6700’s with six i7-8700’s. Both CPUs are 65 watt parts. The i7-8700 is a 6 core 12 thread CPU so I will end up with more cores with less machines.

Other news
As you would have noted pretty much everything is off due to the hot weather. The only things crunching are the Pis with fans.

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