16 June 2018

16th of June

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein gravity wave work

Nvidia GPUs
Running GPUgrid plus Seti

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Einstein gravity wave work has been hard to get recently. They have 2.9 million work units left to complete in the current search but there doesn’t seem to be many ready to send on the project server. That means my computers go idle due to lack of work. Yesterday evening I had one of the i7’s request work for over an hour and each time it got none.

Intel still haven’t managed to get their Neo drivers into Debian. This driver replaces the Beignet package on the 8th generation or later CPUs. Its available on Github but is yet to make it into a package.

Outstanding things
I still need to sort out the i7-8700’s. I just need a PC installer to assemble them and I could then swap out the 6th generation ones. I might have to resort to taking them down to a nearby PC shop and getting them assembled.

I’m not sure how to get a 10Gbe network going. Sure I can get.a couple of switches with 10Gbe (ASUS have a fairly cheap one) but the routers I am using don’t have 10Gbe capability which means they would need to be replaced. Most of the network cabling I have is Cat6 and fairly short which is good. The 10Gbe routers however are expensive. Which one to get and how to hook it up to the ADSL are my problems. I need to find a networking guru to consult.

The other thing on my list is to see if I can get HTcondor going and run BOINC as a backfill for the cluster (just like the real clusters do). My experiments using the Raspberry Pis didn’t work out so I need a guru who also knows HTcondor.

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