01 September 2018

1st of September

Farm status
Intel GPUs
3 x i7-6700 running Seti and occasional Asteroids
2 x i7-8700 running Seti and occasional Asteroids

Nvidia GPUs
2 x Ryzen 1700 running Seti

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Nvidia launched a new GPU chip family called Turing and also the top of the line GPU’s now designated RTX-2080, RTX-2080Ti and RTX-2070. I have four GTX 1060’s so their logical replacement would be a RTX-2060 however they haven’t even announced them yet so I may be looking to replace them closer to Christmas.

I got a kernel update (4.17.15) for all the machines. It promptly broke the one machine with bonded network ports. I’ve raised a bug for that and have to run an older kernel on that machine until its fixed. The other machines with single network ports are fine.

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