24 February 2019

24th of February

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein O1OD1 work overnight

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Einstein O1OD1 work overnight

Raspberry Pis

Crunching news
We had a couple of cooler days with showers so I had the Intel GPU machines doing Einstein work with bursts of Seti thown it.

I also had a couple of the Ryzens running doing Einstein work overnight, as well as running bursts of GPUgrid (short tasks) and Seti.

Other news
The proxy server had its motherboard swapped out. Its got an NVMe SSD which took a couple of goes at installing Linux before behaving. It seems you to have to tell grub to use UEFI mode to be able to boot to the SSD. I also had to flash the BIOS as the SSD wasn't appearing.

The 6th generation i7's were all sold.

I reinstalled Linux on one of the Ryzen 7 machines due to it getting confused about the package dependancies for the Nvidia driver.

GTX 1660Ti officially released
Nvidia finally announced the GTX 1660 Ti. They look like a good replacement for my GTX 1060's so once they become available in quantity I will get some. The current driver in Debian doesn't support them but there is a driver available directly from Nvidia. I don't think they'll be able to get it into the Debian Buster release (expected in March or April) but it may become available soon after via their backports repo.

EVGA seems to have 3 versions of them so I will probably go with the XC Ultra as it has a dual-slot cooler with dual fans (the other two versions have triple slot coolers with a single fan). Its also got the highest boost speed out of the three. There doesn't appear to be any stock available of the XC Ultra at the moment so it might be a while before I can place an order.

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