19 May 2019

19th of May

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein A2AS20 work overnight

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Seti work overnight

Raspberry Pis
Twelve running Einstein BRP4 work.
Four running Seti work.

Other news
The farm has been running overnight as it is still warm during the day. I had the Intel GPUs run some Asteroids work for a couple of days as they are only on 55M credits compared to Einstein on 59M and Seti on 61M. I am trying to spread the project work evenly.

I had two of the Nvidia GPU machines run some Einstein A2AS20 work, but only running 8 tasks at a time which means they took 16 hours to complete. They are first generation Ryzen's and the hyper-threading doesn't give much of a gain. They are next on my list of upgrades.

GPUgrid are looking at beta testing an updated science app. The new app is to support the Turing based GPU's such as my GTX 1660 Ti cards.

Asteroids unfortunately don't have a compatible app, their CUDA Period Search app has been compiled with CUDA 5.5 and doesn't work with the Turing based GPU's. Nvidia are currently on CUDA 10.1.

Mate on Debian
Debian have some of the newer versions of software in a repository called Stretch-backports. In there they happen to have the next release of the desktop that I use called Mate. Stretch is using 1.16.2 and Stretch-backports has 1.20, so I put it on one machine to see how it looks. The desktop didn't change much but I think BOINC Manager looks a lot worse. I have sent a couple of screen shots off to the BOINC developers mailing list suggesting we might need to "tweak" the manager.

Below you can see the same version of BOINC Manager (7.10.2) under Mate 1.16.2 and then under Mate 1.20. Which one do you think is better?


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