14 July 2019

14th of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off

Nvidia GPUs
Three running Seti

Raspberry Pis
Twelve running Einstein, four being upgraded to Buster.

New GPU compute node
I got the parts for my new GPU compute nodes. They're Ryzen 3600's on X570 motherboards and will be used to replace the existing Ryzen 1700's. I have assembled the first one and its been running for 2 days now. The graphics card was swapped out of the older machine. Despite having two less CPU cores than the machines they replace they're faster so the amount of work being produced seems to be about the same.

I have an issue with the memory thinking its slower than it really is. I purchased DDR4-3200 and the machine is telling me its DDR4-2400. I have raised a bug report with ASUS regarding this. The issue of later kernels (5 or later) not being able to boot doesn't effect me as Debian is still using a 4.x kernel at the moment. I expect there will be a few BIOS updates to resolve issues like this.

Given this success I will order parts for the other 3 GPU compute nodes. I also need to order a couple more GTX 1660 Ti's as I only got two last time and I have four GPU compute nodes. The supplier has run out of stock of Ryzen 3600's and X570 motherboards already so it might take a while for the parts to arrive. I will post some pictures of the new builds in a separate blog post.

Another storage server
I  ordered a 1U rack mount U.2 storage server. You can never have fast enough storage right? It only has 8 drive bays but that is enough for a fast storage server. It will take a while to arrive.

The idea is to have this backing up to the slower (disk-based) storage server which has a much larger capacity. The disk-based storage server has more drive bays and hard disks hold more data. Both servers have dual 10GbE networking.

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