11 April 2020

Easter Saturday 2020

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All running Rosetta work

Nvidia GPUs
All off

Raspberry Pis
Two running Rosetta, Twenty running Einstein.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

I have all the Intel GPU machines running Rosetta, along with a couple of the Pi4's. They've been running 24/7 for the last couple of weeks. Rosetta are looking at proteins in relation to Covid-19. While they have recently had a large influx of users they can always use more computers.

Its a single thread CPU based app available for x64 machines (Linux, OSX and Windows) and they also have an app for ARM64 also known as aarch64 (Android and Linux). The Pi4's are running the aarch64 app.

BOINC 7.16
The BOINC developers have released the 7.16.5 app for Windows and 7.16.6 for Linux and OSX. I have been running 7.16.1 on all the farm for a couple of months now. I only had one issue which is listed as having been fixed, however I need to wait for Debian to make the later version available.

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