21 November 2020

21st of November

Farm status
CPU only
Running Rosetta work.

Intel GPU

Nvidia GPU

Raspberry Pis
Three running Rosetta and Einstein. Six running Einstein.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Other news
Most of the week has been hot so the farm was off, apart from the Pis. A cool change came through yesterday so I have the CPU only machines running Rosetta.

I received one of the Ryzen 5900X CPU's that I ordered. When one of the CPU only machines finish their work I will swap out its Ryzen 3900X. I have not had any update from the other supplier for the second CPU that I ordered.

The ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) aka safety switch has been tripping off a few times this week. I have two power circuits that have safety switches and its always the same one. Trying to isolate which power point is causing it has been impossible, other than its on the circuit that powers all the computers, most of which have been off this past week. I should split the computers across two circuits to spread the load but that means rewiring the place which I am trying to avoid.

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