07 August 2021

7th of August

Farm status
CPU only
Running Rosetta (and now Einstein) overnight

Nvidia GPUs
Running Rosetta (CPU) overnight and Einstein (GPU) in the morning

Raspberry Pis
Pi3's running Einstein. Pi4's running Rosetta and Einstein

Project news
This week Asteroids temporary server died so they are off the air until they can sort out new server hardware. They think it will be a few months before they can get replacements.

Rosetta also ran out of work.

Last week Einstein also ran out of BRP4 work which is what the Raspberry Pis run. They now have work available which is good considering the other couple of projects don't. I have resorted to running Einstein CPU work on the Ryzen 5900's which isn't the most efficient project for them.

Other news
I've ordered another 10GbE switch with more ports. I have an 8 port switch but I have only got one port free on it due to all the down-stream switches. I've ordered a 16 port model and will put the 8 port over on another rack which has mostly storage servers.

My ISP had me on a trial of NBN Superfast (250/15 Mbit speeds) for free. Unfortunately that trial ended at the beginning of this month so my internet speed has dropped back to 50/15. I will have to pay some more money to get higher speed. I'm also thinking of switching to another ISP but have been waiting until I am out of contract.

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