10 October 2021

10th of October

Farm status
CPU only
One running Rosetta.

Nvidia GPU

Raspberry Pis
Pi3's running Einstein. Pi4's running Einstein and Rosetta.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

RTX 3060 Ti orders
I mentioned in my last blog post that I had another RTX 3060 Ti on order. This week the shop cancelled the order and is meant to be giving a full refund. The other couple of online shops I tried don't have stock of the particular brand/model that I am after.

I went to my usual online computer shop where I got the 3060 Ti's from and it seems they're keeping track of how many you've purchased. While they had stock it wouldn't let me add one to my shopping cart and told me I had reached my limit. I thought about using another email address to place an order but I think they'll be able to tell by the shipping address. They don't ship to post boxes either. I might need to enlist family members to place orders.

Debian point release
Debian did a point release, that is where they save up a bunch of what they consider important fixes and release them. This is their first point release since Bullseye came out. After rebooting my Ryzen 5900X machines the 2.5GbE add-in network card in both machines was no longer detected.

After much messing around with network cables and applying a couple of previous BIOS versions I am back to using the built-in 1GbE network port. Fortunately it didn't effect the Nvidia GPU machines which also have add-in 2.5GbE network cards. The Nvidia GPU machines use Realtek based cards whereas the Ryzen 5900X machines have Intel based cards. The Intel driver is built into the Linux kernel. I raised a bug report.

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