07 May 2009

6 million credits

Highlights of this week
  • Passed the 6 million credits un-noticed
  • Further BOINC testing
  • GPUgrid HIV protein analysis

It appears late last week or early this week I passed the 6 million credits for all projects. I didn't actually notice until yesterday. Its currently around 6.8 million at the moment so I will try and grab a shot of my BOINCstats image when I get to 7 million. Seti is also closing on 4 million credits.

BOINC came out with a few versions in the last week. We seem to have a version (6.6.28) that resolves the task "thrashing" (see my previous post). I have installed it on my i7 with dual GTX260 cards to see how it handles things. I have already installed it on a couple of the quad-core machines. Looking good so far.

GPUgrid are continuing their HIV protein analysis, complete with 29Mb result files to upload. They take about 20-25 minutes just to upload. I try and return these work units as soon as they have finished instead of waiting for my usual "off-peak" internet time (1am to 7am). I think my internet download limit will be exceeded this month.

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