14 May 2009

Seti 4 million credits

Apparently I passed the 4 million credits mark a couple of days ago. I only noticed yesterday. Here is my certificate.

Highlights of this week

  • Seti reaches 4 million credits
  • GPUgrid looking to update to cuda 2.2
  • Result file sizes likely to present a problem

As I mentioned above Seti hit the 4 million credits mark and kept on going. Also I am close to 7 million for all projects, but not there yet.

GPUgrid are going to update their science app to use the new cuda 2.2 standard. This is causing a bit of upset to some people who can't or won't upgrade their video drivers to the current version. I have updated one machine already and set all the machines to "no new work" for GPUgrid so they can finish off what they have.

Some of the result files produced by a couple of projects are large. Climate prediction has 43Mb result files when it finishes a work unit after 5 days processing. GPUgrid has recently been outputting 29Mb result files and yesterday had a 54Mb file. All this uses up my monthly transfer limit (25Gb peak, and 25Gb off-peak). I expect to exceed my monthly limit and then get throttled this month. I will have to investigate how to get a larger download limit and faster upload speeds.

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