29 May 2009

Seti@home had their 10 year anniversary picnic. Being on the opposite side of the world the nearest I could do is get myself an anniversary T shirt. I ordered one last week and its on its way.

GPUgrid still fails when running the current release drivers with their application. They believe its a problem with the cuda compiler and have passed details onto nvidia. As it might take a while until a fix is available I am considering going back to my original project mix (Einstein, GPUgrid and Seti) and downgrading the drivers on the quaddies. This should also relieve pressure on my ISP's monthly download limit as CPDN (climate prediction) work units are huge when they complete.

The BOINC development team are gearing up for some changes to facilitate BOINC and GridRepublic (an account manager add-on for BOINC) to use Facebook. As I don't use either Facebook or an account manager I am not planning on testing this time around.

I got another 500 watt Seasonic power supply for the last remaining quaddie to get upgraded but have yet to install it.

I have some issues at the moment preventing all the machines from running at once:
  1. The amount of power they all use, which would overload the circuit they are all currently hanging off.
  2. They are all in the loft which gets hot in summer so they overheat
  3. I don't have enough keyboards/mice and screens to run one file server, one i7 and 5 quaddies.

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