13 August 2009

Are we having fun yet?

The main interest this week was getting Kirk (see previous post). I still need to plug it into the power meter to see how much electricity it uses.

GPUgrid out of space
GPUgrid have been having space problems with their upload server. This means I can't upload any results. Aparently it gets filled up by a log file. So no new work from them and can't upload completed work.

Einstein file server crash
The file server over at Einstein has crashed again (about the 3rd time in as many months). There is a simple message saying it will take a few days before it will be rebuilt. Strangely I can upload some work (ABP1) but not the other work units. I can't report any work though.

Seti out of work
And just to make things interesting Seti can't produce work units fast enough. Funny how you get a fast machine and then can't get work for it.

Given all of the above problems I have attached Kirk to Climate Prediction (their smaller work units take approx 100 hours). That should keep it busy for a while, when it can download the huge files.

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