12 August 2009

Introducing Kirk

This is the 1st of the i7 machines that are replacing the quaddies. Its name is Kirk.

The case is a CoolerMaster Storm Sniper. Inside is an ASUS P6T motherboard. The CPU is an Intel Core i7 920 with 3Gb of DDR3 RAM. This one has a Palit GTX275 graphics card installed.

Another photo showing the controls and connectors on the top.

In this shot you can see how big it is compared to the quad-core machines it is replacing (Qui Gon Jinn).

Another shot showing the top panel. The twist-knob is a manual fan speed control. The push-button switch in the centre of the knob turns the fan LED's on and off.

And a front-on shot of it. As you can see lots of grills so plenty of airflow. It has a 14cm fan in the bottom blowing cool air up into the rest of the case. The power supply (a Seasonic 700w) is mounted at the bottom.

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