09 August 2009

Not much to report this week as I was away skiing. While I was away I had two of the quaddies turned off and left the other two plus the i7 on.

Einstein cuda app
This weekend I have been testing the first beta of the Einstein cuda app. While its a 1st beta it seems to run fine on one of the quaddies. The drawback is that it uses a whole cpu to feed the gpu. I completed a 1st test run on Luke. At the time I write this I have a 2nd test running on Maul.

GPUgrid and 190.38 woes
It appears almost all the complaints about failed work on GPUgrid when using the nVidia 190.38 drivers are all GTX260 cards. It doesn't seem to matter if they have 192 or 216 shaders. I have two in Maul and can't use it for GPUgrid any more. Any driver version above 182.50 fails.

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