29 May 2011

29th of May

I passed 34 million for GPUgrid. See I am making those GTX570's do some work.

Farm news
I went away last weekend and as the tradies were doing the bathroom again on Monday I left everything off for 3 days.

I finished off my other Full Resolution Ocean work unit for Climate Prediction. It took 528 hours to complete.

I am now getting the S6Bucket work units from Einstein. They are the S6 run of the gravity wave data.

Project news - Climate Prediction
They still don't have any work available. They are reconfiguring servers and moving files around. This is taking longer than they expected. Until the reconfigure has finished no new work will be generated.

Project news - Seti
Their storage server died and so they stopped work unit creation as well as uploads and downloads being  effected. Apparently its now fixed but due to the number of people trying to upload and download the network is maxed out and nothing is moving.

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