16 May 2011

Power nap

This week wasn't that productive. I've had various builders running around demolishing a leaking shower and the rotten floor under it. The machines were all off and unplugged at the beginning of the week. Its the same again this week as they have decided the whole of the bathroom floor needs to be replaced.

Despite the destruction of the bathroom I managed to pass 33 million for GPUgrid.

CPDN full ocean work units
I managed to finish off my first one. It took 511 hours to complete. Its been uploaded and reported. I still have another one running on a different machine and its 65% through at the moment, so another 9 days of crunching before its done.

Project news - CPDN
They are out of work. They have some projects in the works but due to storage issues (the work units product some huge files) they might be holding off creating more work units until they can get some of the ones being crunched back.

Project news - Einstein
They are having an open day on Saturday the 2nd of June at AEI Hannover.

Apart from that they also have a new type of work unit designated the S6Bucket. I haven't managed to pick any of these up yet so can't provide any details about them.

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