01 May 2011

1st of May

Passed 32 million for GPUgrid. Einstein is also coming up on one.

Allen Telescope Array hibernation
This was initially funded by Microsoft founder Paul Allen, however the SETI institute has run out of money to keep it running. This has no impact on Seti@home. Despite press reports saying S@H is effected, its not. The SETI institute and Seti@home are two separate organisations. S@H doesn't even get data from the ATA. For more details see the Q&A link below from Dr Eric Korpela of the Seti@home project:


BOINC testing
After last weeks issues caused by the Microsoft security patch we now have 6.12.26. So far its got a few minor things that I have picked up, but nothing that would prevent it being released to the public.

CPDN full resolution ocean wu
As I mentioned last week I have picked up one last week. It has been crunching away for the last 138 hours and is about one third complete. So another couple of weeks at least before its done. I have also managed to get another one on a 2nd machine, so it will be running for the next 21 days as well. The current estimate is 509 hours to complete them on a standard i7-920.

I still haven't put the 2nd Palit GTX570 into a machine yet. I am planning on swapping out the GTX295 that is in Sulu. I will be selling off the older card.

Processing 24/7
Now the cooler weather is with us in the southern hemisphere, I have been running more of the computers. In additional the CPDN work units need so long to crunch that I have left those (now 2) machines running 24/7 so they can meet the project deadlines.

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