25 April 2011

25th of April

Passed 11 million for Seti. GPUgrid is closing in on one too.

BOINC 6.12.25 released
6.12.23 came out on Thursday and failed to run. Its seems Microsoft's recent C run-time security fix earlier in the week has broken a number of programs, BOINC included. On Saturday we had 6.12.24 for Windows but it too failed and today we got 6.12.25 which resolves the issues.

EVGA precision is also getting errors since the Microsoft security patch.

CPDN full resolution ocean wu
They have these new work units with a full resolution ocean. I managed to pick one up which is currently estimating 490 hours to completion. Its been running for over 2 days already. That means the machine will need to be on 24/7 for at least 20 days to finish it. They have a 3 month deadline, so that doesn't leave much leeway.

GTX570 Sonic
Well its off and running. As expected its faster than the reference design. It also runs cooler than the reference design. Without having to resort to manually controlling the fan speed it seems happy to sit on 66 or 67 degrees C while crunching. Some of the "long" GPUgrid work units take around 11.15 hours on the Palit and 12.75 hours on the EVGA, so a bit of an improvement.

Kirk and the disappearing video card
As mentioned before I was going to remove the SSD from Kirk. I have now removed it. I had a few issues with software referencing the D: drive (which is now the C: drive) and had to reinstall the video drivers and BOINC. I still need to run it for a while before I can say its behaving but it would appear to be fixed.

Nvidia 270.61 driver
These were released during the week. There have been some reports of them down-clocking. The main advantage of these is they support Cuda 4.0. The Cuda 4.0 toolkit is at release candidate 2 status at the moment (ie hasn't been publicly released).

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