07 April 2011

6th of April

File Server
This weekend was spent setting up the file server. Everything has been copied over and its running quite happily at the moment.

I do however have a problem with the proxy server, Squid, taking a while for DNS lookups. It seems to take about 10 seconds or so before it finds a web site. After that the pages load nice and fast. The only thing thats changed is its gone from a Windows XP box to a Windows Server 2008 box. The rest of the network is unchanged and the configuration was unchanged.

From searching on the internet most people say its an issue with the DNS addresses not being defined, but its being picked up from the registry and pointing to the router's DNS address. I tried using the ISP's DNS server address but it doesn't make any difference. I'm now thinking its probably got more to do with the firewall on the server, so will do some experimenting with it.

Kirk issues
Kirk crashed last week and now seems to get errors on every Einstein CPU work unit, so i've stopped it running Einstein for the time being. I expect its the memory again. I've ordered some Kingston memory modules for it and they should arrive next week (currently they are out of stock).

Project news - Einstein
They are transitioning to a new search run with different work units, so its likely there will be lots of downloads of new data packs.

IE9 issues
It seems that it's not ready for prime time, even through its now being offered via Windows Update. A few problems I have had with it so far:
  1. It clobbers the existing Java, so you need to reinstall java after installing IE9
  2. There is no flash player for the 64 bit IE9. The adobe web site suggest using a beta version, which no longer exists.
  3. Its not available for Windows XP, so you lose compatibility with XP machines
Chrome doesn't have these issues, and its still faster than IE9.

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