19 April 2011

18th of April

Nothing new this week, but closing in on one for Seti.

Seeing as Microsoft is pushing IE9 down the Windows Update pipe I have removed IE from all the machines. As mentioned in my previous post there are a few reasons not to use it. I have now installed Chrome on all machines instead.

File Server
After being back for a couple of weeks its now been fully commissioned and the old one is tucked in a corner of the loft. Backups and things are somewhat quicker than the old machine.

I still need to get WSUS installed on it to save on Windows updates. The virus scanner also has an update server module that can be installed to save on updates.

GPUgrid long work units
As if they weren't long enough they have a new batch of the long work units. The short ones take about 6 hours on my reference GTX570 and 10 hours on the GTX295 and GTX275. The long ones seem to be about 8.5 hours. I haven't tried running them on the old graphics cards.

GTX570 installed
I got a pair of Palit GTX570 Platinum Sonic cards. These are factory over-clocked versions of the GTX570. I have installed one in Chekov and got it going. It completed its 1st GPUgrid work unit yesterday. As expected it finished it off somewhat quicker than the reference GTX570. I will post more information about the new card later.

Kirk woes
I got the kingston memory late last week and installed it in Kirk. Its staying its having trouble with the graphics card now. Maybe the PCIe slot has gone faulty or maybe something else is causing the issue. I have swapped the graphics card with another one, but that didn't solve the problem. I'll look at removing the SSD next, once I have copied the data off it.

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