25 September 2011

25th of September

Nothing new to report this week.

BOINC testing
We got a 6.12.37 for testing as well as the major re-write version 6.13.4. I am not currently testing the 6.13.x versions until they become a bit more stable.

I will be trialling 6.12.37 in the coming week although there is no useful functionality that I am interested in just yet. Its mostly around Mac installer fixes for OSX and some additions to the Virtual Box handling.

Farm news
Maul managed to trash all its Einstein cuda work on Saturday, complaining that one of the exe files had disappeared. When I noticed it I suspended the project and detached and then re-attached. This has the effect of deleting all the project files (when you detach) and then downloading them all again (when you re-attach). This got it going again. I have since run a disk diagnostics on it but it hasn't found any issue. The drive is one that I bought earlier in the year, so isn't too old.

The weather turned cold over the weekend so I have fired up a couple of the GTX570's for GPUgrid work. I normally don't run them during the day due to the amount of heat they produce, but being cold its not an issue.

BOINC Manager on iPad
I am paying for an iPad developer to port the BOINC manager to the iPad. Part of the problem is the supporting libaries aren't available on the iPad. While he has managed to get a working version of wxWidgets (used extensively in the manager) its more recent than the version BOINC has been using and various wx functions have changed. He is trying to work around these isses.

I am not trying to get the core client or other parts of BOINC working on the iPad at the moment, the exercise is just to get a working manager so one can access your computers via the iPad.

LucidLogix Adventure
I have sent another email to Edom in Taiwan asking for pricing on the Adventure 2800 and 2500. These are PCIe bus expansion chassis. The Adventure 2800 offers 11 PCIe connectors single spaced and the Adventure 2500 has 4 PCIe connectors double spaced. No response yet from them. I last heard from them in December 2010.

I have been upable to find a source for these single slot cards. It seems Newegg  no longer has them available. The computer shop have spoken to their local MSI representative but they don't know when they will be available either.

The idea was to replace the GT240's in Maul with these. If I ever manage to get an Adventure 2800 they could also be used in there. There is a GT545 which has 144 cuda cores and looks almost the same as as the old GT240's.

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