04 September 2011

4th of September

Nope nothing new this week

BOINC testing
6.12.34 (Windows/Linux) and 6.12.35 (Mac) were promoted to release status. No real change for me as I am already running 6.12.34 on all the boxes except one.

Farm News
Things have been fairly quiet. I finished off the two remaining CPDN full-res ocean work units and then couldn't get any other CPDN work until a couple of days ago. They are only running 2 experiments, the regional (HADAM3P-EU) and the Rapid-Rapit (HADCM3N also known as the full-res ocean), so there isn't much work getting generated and when it is they all get taken quickly.

I got fed-up with Chrome not displaying web pages when IE works fine, so I removed Chrome from most of the machines. I will remove it from the 2 remaining machines today.

I got a new router, which has improved download speeds a bit. The IP addresses on my network changed so that created a bit of work.

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