27 August 2011

27th of August

Nothing new this week.

Farm News
The GTX460's have been removed from the machines. As mentioned previously they both seem to have failed memory. It turns out they have a 2 year warranty so they should be able to be repaired/replaced under the warranty.

In the mean time the GTX560Ti has been installed in Obi Wan as you can see from the pictures below. It looks almost the same as the GTX460 that it replaced but is almost 1 inch longer.

While I was poking around in there I noticed the CPU heatsink was covered in dust, so I gave it a bit of a blow-out using a can of air. It really needs to be removed and the fan taken off to be done properly. Something I will get the shop to do.

Project news - GPUgrid
They are preparing a new science app for release in Fall 2011. The main differences:
- 10% faster on Fermi.
- It should support parallel gpu runs later on
- It drops support to compute capability 1.1 and 1.2 (so it supports from 1.3 inclusive)

Project news - Seti
Their raw data storage raid got itself tangled up last week so no work was getting created while they fixed up the raid and restored the data from an off-site backup. They have now got it going so work is flowing again, although the usual network congestion issues remain.

Speaking of network congestion they have identified a problem with one of their routers. They think it needs a memory upgrade to cope with the number of connections it needs to handle.

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