14 August 2011

14th of August

No new milestones to report this week.

BOINC testing
Updated Chekov to 6.12.34. There is a 6.12.35 out, but its for the Mac only.

I have put a request out on Freelancer to get the BOINC manager ported to the iPad. This (if it happens) will allow me to control the machines remotely. I can do this from my laptop but I prefer to use the iPad as its ligher, more portable and the battery lasts longer.

Farm news
Things have been running smoothly for most of the week. In fact I haven't even looked at the machines for most of the week.

Two of the four CPDN full-res ocean work units finished and the other two are running with 200+ hours left to go.

I updated the nVidia drivers to 280.26 on all the running machines. This supports CUDA 4.0 and is slightly faster than previous versions.

New project: Radioactive@home
This is a new project being run out of a university in Poland. They are mapping radiation. To use it you'll need an external sensor that plugs into a USB port, pretty much like EQN does. It runs as a non-CPU intensive task in BOINC the same as EQN does.

The project is in start-up mode at the moment and doesn't have sufficent sensors. After prototyping a sensor, they are now getting some manufactured, however their initial oder was only for 50 and they have all be taken. Their URL is: http://radioactiveathome.org/boinc/

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