21 August 2011

21st of August

I passed 42 million for GPUgrid.

Farm News
The GTX460 in Obi-Wan seems to have died. It started by failing work units after 4 seconds. It then was drawing purple squares all over the screen. I ran the cuda memory tester on it and it covered the whole window with purple squares. I swapped it out with another one and it too failed the cuda memory test, so I assume both are dead.

At the moment Obi-Wan is running without a GPU (it has on board video). I have ordered a GTX560Ti as a replacement.

As the GT240's in Maul are getting a little dated I am looking for suitable replacements. They need to be single-slot cards. I came up with the GT545 which looks pretty much like the GT240. MSI also make a GTS450 available as a single-slot card, although a number of complaints about fan noise on them.

Project news - Einstein
They have discovered another 3 binary pulsars from the Parkes radio telescope data. That brings them up to 9 so far.

We need another decent size radio telescope in Australia to cover the southern hemisphere given these previously undiscovered binary pulsars. There is a proposal to build a wide-area array (similar to the Allen telescope) in Western Australia but that may not happen.

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