06 August 2011

6th of August

Passed 41 million for GPUgrid.

BOINC tasks
This is a monitoring program that is great for keeping an eye on all the machines from a single computer. Its similar to BOINCview. Its been updated to version 1.09. It can be found at http://www.efmer.eu/boinc/boinc_tasks/

BOINC testing
There is a 6.13.1 being tested. It has some fairly major changes from 6.12.x around the work fetch algorithm and its early days. That is its too risky to try it out just yet.

There is also a 6.12.34 being tested. This has some minor fixes as well as a couple of installer fixes. The windows installer had an incorrect DLL file in the package. The Mac installer has been updated to work with OSX 10.7 (Lion). Maul is running 6.12.34 and I will update the others later as it seems pretty stable.

Farm news
Weather has been warm despite being winter here in Sydney. As a result I've suspended GPUgrid for a few days as the GTX570's generate a fair bit of heat. Instead I have left a few machines (Maul, Chekov with Obi-Wan intermittently) running CPU only work.

Seti is still plagued with download issues (not enough bandwidth and too many users). I can't see any easy fix for this and its likely to take some time before anything can be done.

Chekov has 4 of the Climate Prediction full-res ocean work units running. These take 550 hours or so. Two of them are around 80% done and the other two are a long way off completing.

Project news - Einstein
They have a new gamma ray search running, so work for that has now started flowing. Its a CPU only task at the moment although they have said they are looking at a GPU version.

We're also crunching the gravity wave data as well as the binary pulsar search using Arecibo data. We've pretty much finished off the binary pulsar search using the Parkes data (which has so far found 6 new pulsars).

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