12 December 2011

12th of December

Farm News
Well I have been buying presents again. Well its more that a bunch of them turned up today.

1st up a replacement monitor arrived. I have already swapped the old monitor out. It looks a bit clearer than the old one. Its also noticably lighter. The old one will go out in the next council clean-up.

It was followed a few hours later by the extra PCIe bridge cards and cable for the Adventure 2800. Along with the bridge cards came the 10 GTS450's. Even though they are from 2 different companies in Japan they happened to use the same courier company and arrived together.

For the last few days its been quite warm and then a storm rolled in yesterday and the temperature dropped again. I have only been running one machine without any GPU work. Now the temp has dropped I have fired up the GPU again.

Well I haven't got a case organised yet. I might just go for a rack-mount style case as they tend to be cheaper and more easy to find with the necessary cut-outs in the back-plane. I need to do some searching on the internet to see what is available.

BOINC testing
No new versions so far this week. There have been a lot of complaints about the backoff being too agressive in later BOINC clients so I have posted a request to the mailing list in the hope we can reduce them in the new version. There has been no response from the developers yet.

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