23 December 2011

23rd of December

Its Christmas eve eve and here is the news...

Farm news
Nothing much has been happening on the farm this week. I had only 1 machine running trying to get through those Full-res Ocean CPDN work units. They only take around 550 hours :-)

I am still trying to organise a case for the Adventure and its graphics cards. It always seems so much harder once you have most of the bits to get the last few parts. I have emailed some pictures to my usual shop and they have been in contact with one of their suppliers who specialises in rackmount cases.

Maul's heatsink and CPU fan seem rather clogged up with dust so I will take him into the shop next week so it can get cleaned. I also want them to rearrange the fan wiring so the fans don't just run at full speed.

GPUUG fund raiser
The GPU User Group ( http://gpuug.org/ ) are trying to finish off their 45 x 2Tb hard disk drive fund raiser. As I reported before they have already shipped 24 drives to Seti. I made another donation towards it. They need to finish this off so they can get onto the next item, which is an Astropulse server. At the moment they are $2,189 away from completing this one so if anyone would like to donate please help out.

Project news - GPUgrid
GPUgrid ( http://www.gpugrid.net/index.php ) updated their website and wow its quite fancy now and has the latest server software. It will take a little getting used to. Its mostly the same navigation as before but with the new server software some things are different, on top of the new look web pages.

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