19 December 2011

19th of December

BOINC testing
We got 7.0.3 this week. So I put it on Maul. Its crunching away at the moment. There have been some reports of weird work-fetch issues. I have found the manager has an issue with the projects tab and resizing if there is a scroll bar. Apart from that it seems to be behaving. The transfers tab now shows "Download:suspended". Before you didn't know if a transfer was going up or down when they are suspended. The file transfer backoff's have also been reduced after complaints they were too agressive in the current 6.12 clients.

The main new feature (apart from the task scheduling/work fetch) is support for OpenCL devices, primarily ATI and Nvidia graphics cards.

Not too bad, but not quite ready for release yet (in my opinion).

Farm news
This week has been warm with rain on and off, so I have to keep the window mostly closed, which also means it gets hot. I have had Sulu running all the time but mostly without GPU to keep the heat under control.

GPUUG funding drives
The GPU Users Group still have a couple of hardware funding drives going. One for a new server and one for 45 x 2Tb hard disk drives for the RAID array. Seeing as it was half-way there on the funding drive Seti asked if they could get half of the drives ordered. Various orders were placed (due to vendor limits) to get 24 drives. The remainder will get ordered once the funding drive completes. At the moment they need $2,999 to finish this one off.

The GPU Users Group have also started taking donations to Seti via PayPal. The University is unable under California law to accept PayPal donations. The GPUUG can as they are incorporated in a different state and not a government entity.

Project news - GPUgrid
They have just updated their server software. Some things (like web pages) are yet to be updated. This should allow them to support ATI cards in the future once they have a compatible science application.

The next update planned is to a newer science application which will only work on cards that have a compute capability of 1.3 or better.

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