06 September 2012

6th of September

A quick update since the last post.

Raspberry Pi arrived on Monday. Unfortunately I didn't have the right cable to plug it into power (it uses a Micro-USB B socket). Fired it up on Tuesday night, but haven't connected it to the network to see what sort of software is in the repo for it.

I experimented with Linux Mint 13 running in a VirtualBox VM so I could run Asteroids@home work (they only have a Linux app). Got it working only to read an announcement today that they will be creating Vbox work units so there is no need for this image now.

Two new WD 5003 Black drives arrived on Tuesday (SATA III and 64Mb cache). Swapped out the hard disks in both the new machines with these and reinstalled Windows. The windows benchmarks think a WD 5003 is the same speed as a WD Blue (SATA II and 16Mb cache).

Returned the second failed WD Black drive for repair/replacement under warranty.

Dropped off a 3rd Asus P6T for upgrading to an Asus P8Z77 machine. That will bring the farm up to 3 of these P8Z77 machines. I should be picking it up tomorrow.

Sold all 3 Asus P6T motherboards, heatsinks and memory.

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