21 September 2012

GPUgrid 100 million

I finally hit 100 million for GPUgrid. Below is my certificate. Crunching continues...
HD 7770
The old HD4850 that I have only supports OpenCL 1.0 and none of the projects use 1.0, so I bought a HD7770 during the week. The idea was it could run OpenCL apps as they are supposedly pretty good. Well they aren't.

I put it into one of the Asus P6T's which already had a GTX560Ti. After a bit of stuffing around to get OpenCL installed its ready. I start up BOINC and it gives a theoretical figure of 1,382 GFlops for the GTX560Ti and 3,520 for the HD7770. That suggests the 7770 is around 2 and a 1/2 times faster than the 560Ti.

I allow Einstein to download some work, the 560Ti gets 2 BRP cuda tasks and the 7770 gets 2 BRP OpenCL tasks. The 560Ti completes them in 2,000 seconds and the 7770 does them in 5,293 seconds. Okay its not a fair comparison as we are comparing a CUDA app with an OpenCL app. So to be fair I get some Milkyway work. They run OpenCL on both. The 560Ti takes 320 seconds and the 7770 takes 373 seconds. While the 7770 is theoretically faster, in real life it isn't.

As you would have noted in the last couple of weeks I have been updating some of the motherboards and prior to that I replaced the GTX570's with GTX670's. Now they have been completed that leaves the remaining GTX560Ti's to be replaced. I have been looking at the GTX660 (not the Ti). That would bring the peak power down from 170 watts to 140 watts and should give a performance boost as well.

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