27 September 2012


This is the Palit GTX660 (no not the Ti). I bought these to replace the 560Ti cards. Its a factory over-clocked card.
In the cardboard box is a driver disk, power cable, DVI adaptor and the card itself. Its a bit shorter than the 560Ti.
This is a side-on shot. I was trying to show the heatsink in there.
And here we are installed in one of the Asus P8Z77 machines.
Here are the GPU-Z screen shots.
You'll need Nvidia driver 306.23 at a minimum as older drivers don't recognise the card.
Initial runs have been on Seti using Jason's x41z (CUDA 4.2) app. After that I let it loose on some Einstein work (CUDA 3.2).
The Seti work seems to be a bit faster. To be fair they have all been short work units recently so its hard to tell as they only run for 2 or 3 minutes. The Einstein work showed much better speed. I must stress that I have only run a few work units through it at the moment so its a bit early to tell, however Einstein appeared to be around 30% faster. The crunching will continue.

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