24 February 2013

24th of February

A flurry of activity on Saturday on the farm. The temp dropped a bit so I fired up the two GPUgrid crunchers and had them going until lunch time Sunday when it got too hot again. I left a couple of the Intel GPU machines running all weekend so they are making a bit of a contribution to Asteroids and Einstein.

BOINC testing
On the 13th of February we got 7.0.52. Nothing major, just some tweaks around GPU starvation when they are excluded from projects.

I am seeing some strangeness where it seems to favor the project with the lower resource share rather than the one with the highest share. That means I will have to run some logs and post them to the mailing list and also setup a simulation for the developers.

Pi news
The Pi's just get left running, I don't spend much time checking on them.

In my post of the 21st of February I explained how to setup BoincTasks so that it can talk to the Pi. I also got them talking to my proxy server. See details below.

Daniel Carrion posted a comment on my 21st of February post regarding SubsetSum where he has apps available for them via his blog.

Proxy server and Pi
The process went like this:

1. Make sure /etc/hosts has an entry for the proxy server. You'll need the IP address and hostname.

2. Add the following lines to the file /etc/environment
export http_proxy="http://proxyhost:port"

3. Create a new file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ and name it "10proxy"; put inside
Acquire::http::Proxy "http://proxyhost:port"

Where proxyhost is the name of your proxy server and port is the port number its using.

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