15 November 2014

15th of November

Farm news
After an almost complete shutdown earlier in the week when the temperatures were in the mid-30's we're now back up and running the Intel GPU machines. When I say "almost complete" the file server and router were off as well as most of the computers. I left the Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's running even though they had no network access.

There is more hot weather forecast for the coming week.

BOINC news
7.4.26 (Mac) and 7.4.27 (Windows) were released to the public. Nothing new for me as I was already running .27 on most of the machines anyway. There have been a couple of fixes done since but we haven't seen a new build yet..

CPDN issues
This morning I picked up a bunch of CPDN work units. They showed up in BOINCtasks as using zero CPU time and were using less memory than some of the other CPDN work units. I left them running for 10 hours. When I checked again they still had the same symptoms so I went and looked on one of the machines and there were Visual Fortran pop-up boxes with error messages. Once I pressed the Okay button the tasks fail. I had 15 of these across 3 machines.

Strangely enough another 5 of them are running and using CPU time, more memory, not to mention doing checkpoints.

Upon reading the CPDN forums for Visual Fortran errors regarding a different climate model, it seems they don't like Windows and Intel iGPU's. Its something to do with the graphics the model can show while running, not that I ever bother with the graphics. It doesn't seem to effect Linux computers.

Seti news
It seems they are scraping around for data to process. They have some older data that needs reprocessing with new apps but that is about all they have from the Arecibo radio telescope. They do have data from the Green Bank telescope but no apps or back-end plumbing (work unit splitters, validators, etc) for it yet. They are also sorting through database issues.

This isn't causing me an issue as I have been concentrating on Asteroids more recently but it seems they now have more processing power than they can handle.

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