02 November 2014

2nd of November

Farm news
Well most of its been off for the week, I have fired up all the Intel-GPU machines today as the weather has cooled off a bit. They are all doing Asteroids work at the moment.

I got another pair of GTX750Ti's which I plan on putting in the 2nd of the 6 core/12 thread machines. I am still waiting for the 1st one to be built. The memory was out of stock so that has held things up a bit.

BOINC testing
Late ths week we got 7.4.26 which along with other changes has some code to detect CUDA 6.5 drivers and warn the user that Nvidia no longer support cards with a compute capability less than 2. I have installed it on all the Intel-GPU machines and they don't seem to have any issues so far.

I was waiting for Debian Jessie to get 7.4.23, which it got yesterday. Debian were going to have a change freeze in November so they could finalise the Jessie release. I am not too sure if that means they will have to stick with .23 or if they will be able to get .26 into the Jessie release.

Meanwhile Ubuntu has an even older BOINC client. LocutusOfBorg's PPA is having issues building 7.4.23 with it failing to build for the arm architecture. The latest version I got from the PPA was 7.4.13. I use this on the Parallella's as the Ubuntu repos are even more out of date.

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