08 November 2014

8th of November

Farm news
We're working nights. I generally have the machines off (except the Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's) during the day and get some of them going overnight. I have been doing some GPUgrid work as well as concentrating on Asteroids.

I got to 14 million for Asteroids, only to have them run out of disk space today, so I have a pile of work units waiting to upload. Oh well back to doing Einstein and Seti.

While doing BOINC upgrades on the Parallella's I noticed that one hadn't been rebooted for 80 days and the other for 51 days. I decided they needed cleaning and a reboot. Due to the fan arrangement they had a layer of fine dust all over their insides. The only real way to get to it is a paint brush and blow it out. They should be good for another 3 months now.

BOINC testing
We got 7.4.27 this week. The only change is to back-out the checking for Nvidia compute capability 1.x devices and the CUDA 6.5 drivers on Windows. Its still there for the Mac.

Thanks to LocutusOfBorg's ppa I also got 7.4.27 for Ubuntu. If I relied on Ubuntu I would have to wait a year due to their long-term-support versions not updating anything until their next major release.

With Debian Jessie the last version that made it in before their change freeze was 7.4.23. They are currently frozen while they finalise what will be in the Jessie release. The Pi's will have to stay on this version for a while.


Mainboarder said...

Are you managing all computers manually or with software like puppet or saltstack?
If you do so, I hope I didn't miss the post. If there is no post, then why not write about it?

Mark G James said...

Manually. There isn't too much to do apart from windows updates, GPU driver updates (not too often) and the occasional BOINC update.

I use one machine to test BOINC on but vary it so its not the same machine all the time.