24 July 2016

24th of July

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All six crunching Asteroids

Nvidia GPUs
Two remaining are running Asteroids

Raspberry Pis
All nine crunching Einstein

Project news - Einstein
They are going to be taking the project off-line from the 1st of August to the 5th of August. This is so they can convert to their new format website that they have been running on Albert for quite some time. They probably won't need the back-end servers off-line for so long.

Farm news
Given the length of time Einstein will be off-line I have already increased the cache on the Raspberry Pis so they have enough work to ride out the outage. I also took the opportunity to update all of them to the latest version of Raspbian.

I am number 10 in Asteroids top participant list (by recent average credit). This is despite being down two machines that were retired last week. I am waiting for the replacement machines to be assembled by the computer shop. Hopefully they'll be ready for next weekend. I also need to chase the shop as to what is happening with the replacement GPU crunchers.

My internet speed is rather slow these days. I had a service call with the phone company last week. They found two faults, one on the incoming line and one between the incoming line and a second communications cupboard. They swapped the lines over but that doesn't seem to have helped.

I am considering swapping internet provider to one that offers ADSL 2+ annex M support, thus improving upload speed but sacrificing some download speed. I have ordered a new ADSL router for this but it has yet to arrive.

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Tony said...

they dont want shutdown wu distribution system, i hope, but i also increased cache