31 July 2016

31st of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All running Seti work

Nvidia GPUs
The two remaining ones are running Seti work

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
As mentioned in my last post Einstein are taking their web site off-line from the 1st to the 5th of August so they can upgrade it. The work unit processing hopefully won't be off-line for as long, but just in case I have increased the cache settings on the Raspberry Pis.

I have transitioned all the machines from Asteroids work onto Seti. Asteroids reached, and now has passed, my Einstein credit of 35.6 million which was my target. The switch to Seti is to bring its credit up to the same level.

As of Friday (the 28th) the computer shop still didn't have the motherboards needed to build the 4 machines on order. That is two more Intel GPU machines (mainly used for CPU work) and two GPU crunchers. I've dropped off various bits that are getting reused from the older machines such as power supplies, hard disks and a pair of GTX970's to go into them. I'll probably get all 4 next weekend now.

Microsoft pushed the Intel beta graphics driver 4474 for the HD Graphics 530 out via Windows update in the last week as a required update. All my Intel GPU machines now have it. It contains a fix for people having issues with 1080p versus 1080i screen modes which didn't effect me. It doesn't fix their OpenCL issue.

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