07 July 2016

7th of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All crunching Asteroids work

Nvidia GPUs
One crunching Asteroids work. The others are off.

Raspberry Pis
All crunching Einstein work

Other news
I'm in the top 20 participants list at Asteroids and I am not even running all the machines.

I was running GPUgrid work earlier in the week, but its been raining for most of the week so they've been off.

The two i7-6700's that I ordered a couple of weeks ago are awaiting motherboards. Apparently ASUS managed to sell everything in Australia  by June 30th (our end of financial year) so the motherboards got back-ordered. They aren't expected to be in stock for a couple of weeks now. I am supplying the hard disks so will be taking the i7-3770's out of service for parts.

The Raspberry Pi's don't seem to like running off the Anker Powerport 6. I had one flashing its power LED and another where it went off completely. I plugged both into the official 2A power adapters which seemed to fix their problems.

I was looking at a dual-Xeon machine but after reading some news about AMD Zen processors will wait to see what happens at the end of this year. AMD are targeting the extreme processor market (I have two i7 extreme processors). They will have 8 cores/16 threads and lots of PCIe lanes. We will have to see how they perform.

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