13 May 2017

13th of May

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All doing Einstein Gravity wave

Nvidia GPUs
Doing Einstein Gravity wave (CPU) plus Seti GPU work

Raspberry Pis
Doing Einstein BRP4 work

Project news Einstein
They had a problem with their first tuning run so we've got updated apps and are doing a second tuning run.

Other news
Still waiting on the Ryzen builds. The computer shop were waiting on Noctua heatsinks to come in. It would have been nice to see how they perform on the Gravity wave tuning run as its CPU only. Hopefully they'll be ready next week.

The new Drobo arrived. I had a bit of a problem with it due to taking the mSata SSD from the old Drobo. A software reset fixed that. I think its 50% faster than the old one. I need to list the old one on eBay now that I've cleaned off the hard disks.

The second ADSL connection is running however I need to work out how to load balance the two internet connections. I know TP Link make a $130 load balancer device which might be how I'll run it. I need to switch the main internet connection back to a standard ADSL first. It seems the wiring between the communications cupboard and the house isn't too good because they can get 18Mbit to the comms cupboard, but to the house only gets 13Mbit.

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