07 May 2017

7th of May

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Mostly Seti with a batch of Einstein work

Nvidia GPUs
Mostly Seti with a batch of Einstein work

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Project news Einstein
They've started another run of their gravity wave work units. Currently its a tuning run to get an idea how long each type of CPU takes and iron out any bugs with the apps. There are two types of work unit called Hi and Lo. When I ran all 8 cores on the i7-6700's the Hi ones were taking 12-13.5 hours. When running half the cores they were taking 9 hours.

My i7-6700's only have 16Gb in total. The Ryzen's will have 32Gb. The higher frequency work units need 2Gb of memory each so I can only run 7 on the i7's and 14 on the Ryzen's.

The Lo work units are sent to slower machines and don't take as long. The i3-6100T's were talking around 3.5 hours when running all cores. These work units also use much less memory (around 270Mb).

Other news
The two AMD Ryzen 7 motherboards, CPUs and memory kits arrived and I dropped them off at my usual computer shop. I supplied the GPUs and hard disks and they are supplying the case, power supply, cooler and assembling it. Hopefully they will be ready next week.

The two i7-5820K's were sold off and have gone. That leaves the farm with two working GPU's at the moment. I kept the GTX970's which will go into the Ryzen's to start with and get swapped for the GTX1060's when they arrive, supposedly on the 18th.

The Drobo 5N2 is due to arrive next week some time.

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