30 April 2017

30th of April

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All running Seti work

Nvidia GPUs
Running Seti work

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Transition to Linux
The last two machines were converted over to Linux without any issues. I simply follow the process I documented before. That means there are no Windows crunchers in the farm now.

Other news
The same person that purchased all the motherboards also wants to buy the i7-5820K machines. I decommissioned them and removed the GTX1060's on Friday. I will be replacing them with a pair of AMD Ryzen 1700 machines. The GTX1060's will go into the Ryzen's when I get them.

I have also ordered another pair of GTX1060's. These will initially be used to replace the GTX970's. Longer term I will probably replace the i3's with another pair of Ryzen machines.

My original idea was to have a low powered CPU (the i3-6100T is only 35 watts) and a pair of high performance GPU's. Unfortunately the i3 doesn't have enough PCIe lanes  to run two GPU's at x16 speed. It seems to provide one slot at x16 and the second at x4 and this is on a Z170 chipset motherboard. The i3 does have built-in graphics and the motherboard is mATX sized so I may be able to use them for some other purpose.

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