23 April 2017

23rd of April

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All running Seti overnight

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Seti overnight. Other two are off.

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
The WD Red hard disks turned up. I expect the Drobo that they are destined for will arrive late next week.

I also sold off a couple more GPU's and the last remaining motherboard.

Now that I have sold off  most of the excess hardware I will look at replacing the i7-5820K machines (6 core/12 thread) with AMD Ryzen's. I'm looking at the Ryzen 1700 (3Ghz) but also only 65 watts. The motherboard would be an ASUS Prime X370 with 32GB of DDR4 memory. I will keep the GTX1060's that are in there as they are the most up to date GPU's that I have.

Transition to Linux
In the blog post prior to this one I covered the steps used to converted two of my Nvidia GPU machines to Linux. They can run CUDA, OpenCL and CPU work now. I have two more to convert and that is all the farm converted to Linux apart from two windows-based machines. One is the file server and the other is a laptop that I use to monitor the farm using BOINCtasks.

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