14 April 2017

Good Friday 2017

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All running Seti work

Nvidia GPUs
Did a couple of GPUgrid work units earlier in the week. Currently they are off.

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
I have ordered three 4TB WD Red hard disks for the Drobo 5N2. The Drobo isn't due here until the end of the month. The price per terabyte increases with the larger capacity drives. Two 4TB drives are still cheaper than one 8TB drive. Seagate have a 12TB drive but they cost over a thousand dollars.

A couple of the Pi's were playing up so I had to re-image them. Unfortunately when attaching them to the Einstein project they decided the program executable was corrupted and then trashed their work units. A project reset in BOINC fixed the corrupt program. It did this on both of them so I think the checksum value given for the executable is probably wrong rather than a download issue.

I've rescheduled the ADSL connection for the 26th of April so hopefully it will get installed this time. The last technician didn't have a key to the communications cupboard.

Linux transition
The Intel GPU's are doing work faster than when they were windows machines. All 8 of them are churning through Seti work. I am trying to get the credits similar for the 3 projects they've been set up to run (Asteroids, Einstein and Seti).

One of things to try on the transition to Linux is getting the Nvidia GPU's working. Debian have Nvidia drivers in their repository so hopefully they will work. Most of the guides I have seen install older versions of Ubuntu (14.04) or Mint which is based upon Ubuntu.

I also want to look at running CPDN jobs however their programs are all 32 bit so that usually causes problems when running on a 64 bit Linux platform.

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