02 April 2017

2nd of April

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All except one currently running Seti work. They were running Asteroids work before.

Nvidia GPUs
All off.

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Farm news
I've changed all except one of the Intel GPUs over to Linux. That's 7 of them. The last one had an SSD + HDD which I had to swap out with the proxy servers SSHD. Its now the same configuration as all the other Intel GPU machines and currently installing Linux. I had to rebuild the proxy server.

I found that installing Beignet (Intels OpenCL drivers for Linux) doesn't work if you are on the 3.16 kernel. It will install but clinfo is unable to detect the device. Updating the kernel to a 4.x one seems to have resolved that. I can now use the iGPU but it slows down the CPU so is not normally worth the effort.

For the moment I am leaving the Nvidia GPU machines running Windows but plan on selling off the two GTX970's and also the two 6 core/12 thread machines which currently have GTX1060's. I'm going to keep the GTX1060's but will need to put something else in there in order to sell them. I will need to investigate running the GPUs under Linux and what driver combinations work.

The computer shop rang regarding the storage server. They have received it from their supplier but it seems to only have SAS expanders for each row of drive bays. Its got 12 drive bays but each set of 3 has its own cabling. The hard disk controller has only a single SAS connector meaning it can only run 3 drives. I'll have to chase them up next week. It seems the shop don't have experience with storage servers.

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