20 May 2017

20th of May

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Spent all of last week running Einstein gravity wave work. Now back to Seti

Nvidia GPUs
Running Einstein gravity wave work (CPU only)

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Now I have the second internet connection I split the network into two. The Raspberry Pis are now over on the 2nd net. It took a while to unhook the Pis from the main network with network cabling and having to dig out an unused switch. Software-wise I spent a bit of time removing dependencies on machines that are now on the main network and therefore inaccessible. Two of the Pis have Pi Drives (USB hard disks) so one of them was turned into a proxy and time server.

One problem I have with the Pi's is they don't seem to broadcast their device name so I can only reference them by their IP address, which means they have to be assigned a static IP address. Sure they can get a dynamic IP address from the router but I can't access them by name, only by their IP address. The PC's running Linux don't have this problem so it seems something unique to Raspbian.

I will order a couple more Pi3's. I need to replace a faulty Pi3 and replace the one that got used for the proxy/time server. I also need to order more copper heatsinks from Enzotech.

One of the other projects I am doing is a more accurate time server for the main network. I have purchased a USB GPS receiver which can be used to obtain accurate time. It needs a view of the sky and the machine I am intending to connect it to is furthest away from the window/skylight. Today I have ordered a USB extention cable so I can connect it.

The pair of GTX1060's that I ordered for the Ryzen machines arrived during the week. Unfortunately the Ryzen's still haven't been built due to delays with getting the heatsinks. Maybe next week.

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