28 April 2019

28th of April

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Were running Seti, now all on Einstein.

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Seti

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
The weather cooled off over the weekend so I had all the Intel GPU and two of the Nvidia GPU machines running Seti, They reached the goal of 60 million so I have now put the Intel GPUs back to running Einstein work.

Einstein have released (or should that be re-released) their O2OS20 Continuous Gravity Wave search. We started this late last year and then some issues were raised and it was stopped. Only one of the Intel GPU machines has received some, the others got O1OD1 work. Initial processing estimates to complete the O2OS20 are 10 to 11 hours (on an i7-8700 at stock speed of 3.2GHz).

GTX 1660 Ti
As you would have gathered from my previous post Debian seem to have issues with their Nvidia drivers and I can't get it going. Just as well I only installed one of them. Hopefully they'll fix their mess soon.

Nvidia also released the GTX 1650 last week so there is now a 430.09 driver to support them under Linux. Nvidia refer to it as a "beta" driver so I suspect Debian will ignore it until there is a release version available.

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